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Cooling Activewear

Activewear to get you motivated

Here in Australia we have such a wonderful array of things to see and do. Bush, beach, mountains, outback and desert – and we have great weather for most of the year! Is it any wonder that many Australians choose to get out amongst it and visit the great outdoors on a regular basis?

Sunrise at Bondi has developed a range of Australian Made activewear for women and kids (crop tops and leggings)to help you look stunning when you’re out doing your thing.


Activewear for the Gym

When you’re at the Gym we know you want to concentrate. There’s nothing quite like getting in that zone where you are singularly focused on your goal, unless of course you need to stop to rearrange a piece of ill fitting or loose item of clothing.

Our range of activewear has been designed to fit snugly and comfortably and our exclusive fabric structure maintains shape retention, even after several washes. Do yourself a favour, stay focused and meet your goals with the help of our activewear pants and tops for the gym.

Activewear for Yoga

Yoga is all about self discovery and finding that little patch of peace within yourself. To do this you have to be confident and comfortable (being flexible helps a little too :-) Comfort and style are two of the things we’ve focused on for our range of women's activewear for yoga so you can hit the mats in style and know that in the middle of your Downward Dog or Kapotasana you will be comfortable.


PS:.... you can swim in it too....